A34 Self Storage

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How it works

We try and make our self-storage as simple as possible with clear pricing, and an "easy come easy go" rental policy which makes it easy to leave when you need to.

1. Find out where we are

We're 12 minutes from Abingdon, Didcot, and Wantage, and just 21 minutes drive from Central Oxford and being in a rural location we're easy to access without running into heavy traffic at most times of day. Enter your postcode for a map and directions to our warehouses.

2. Compare Storage Options

A34 Self-Storage offers storage units of all sizes ranging from small 3x3x3 foot lockers through shipping container sized units right up to units a full 200 square feet in size. You can compare our storage units here.

3. Compare Prices

Our prices are by the week and depend upon the unit size you choose. The first month's payment is by debit/credit card and subsequent payments are by direct debit. You can leave whenever you like. Just let us know when you leave so we can stop charging you and apply any refunds for overpaid storage. Check our prices here.

4. Sign up

Once you've found a unit size that works for you please make an appointment to come and visit us via email: contact@a34selfstorage.co.uk

We're generally available from 4pm to 6pm Monday to Friday and weekends.


Some of the towns nearest A34 Self-Storage

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